Avoiding Mold Damage In Your Home

Water and mold damage are something that occur in homes after water is exposed to an area or an object causing damage to the area or object. There are many different types of things that can cause water and ultimately mold damage to your home or material possessions. If you live in a flood zone, you’re probably used to replacing your possessions every few years – especially this time of year when flooding is most prevalent. Sometimes accidents cause water damage – a faucet left running too long is a common occurrence. Malfunctioning appliance or leaky pipes are also common in the world of water damage. No matter what the source, water damage is something that needs to be taken care of quickly. The more time that passes after damage occurs, the more damage that will occur – including mold damage. This extensive damage occurs in the form of odors, mold, and even insects or rodents. Not all water and mold damage is avoidable. Read further to see where water and mold damage can be avoided.


Inspections are a lifesaver. Inspect roofing from the outside and in the attic. Look for holes, missing or broken shingles, etc. If you do find something, get someone up there to fix it right away! In the attic, make sure you’re unable to see light coming in from the outside. Your attic should be properly insulated, too.


While you’re up on the rooftop, scope out the gutters as well. Make sure they are clear of any debris. Clogged gutters have the ability to cause overflow. This overflow has the potential to seep into your home and go all throughout the walls. Also, be sure to check out the downspouts. Ensure that they are facing the opposite direction of your home. If water gets puddled up against the home, it’s bound to sneak in sooner or later. Most people don’t realize these issues until it’s becoming a major problem.


When you come back in the house, make sure to check out the pipes. If you live in a cold, freezing and bursting pipes are NOT an uncommon occurrence. Freezing pipes are not a problem this time of year, but this time of year IS a great time to make sure your pipes are properly working and insulated for the winter months.


Appliances are a common cause of water damage. A leaky hose on a washing machine or a crack in a hot water tank can cause thousands of dollars in water damage. Check all of your appliances periodically to ensure they are working properly. If you do notice a problem, fix it as soon as you’re able to do so. The cost to replace a washing machine hose is much less than that of a water damaged laundry room.

If you’ve already experienced water and mold damage in your area –whether it was avoidable or not – contact our water and mold damage restoration company today. We’re available 24/7 and our water damage teams are experts in all types of water and mold damage. We look forward to your call!

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