Basement Flooding

Flooded basements cause millions of dollars in damages to homeowners each year. If this has happened to you, you know the devastation it can cause. The cleanup and restoration of your basement is a massive project that takes a lot of time and money – and homeowner’s insurance doesn’t always cover the damage depending on the cause. Therefore, it’s in your best interest to protect yourself from basement flooding – as much as you can anyway. Here are some tips on limiting basement damage during a flood:

  • Use waterproof plastic bins to store valuables in your basement – including documents and photographs. It’s a good idea to seal these things in plastic bags as well in case flooding causes damage to the bins.
  • Keep items off the floor. Many times basements only flood a few inches. Use platforms to elevate things like washers and dryers or other items that can’t be kept on a shelf.
  • Get a sump pump with battery backup. A sump pump will remove any excess water that comes into your basement’s lowest point. Use a battery backup in case the power goes out. Most models come with an alarm to alert you to flooding.
  • Keep gutters clean. When gutters don’t work correctly, they can actually cause flooding in your home. Make sure water runs smoothly from the roof to about 5 feet away from your house. Clean out your gutters twice a year and after any major storm.
  • Seal all minor cracks in your basement walls and floors with caulk. This will help keep water out as well. Major cracks should be dealt with as soon as possible as they may mean structural damage to your home.


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