Bathroom Mold Growth

For many homeowners mold growth is not a commonly recognized problem. People concern about exterior damage to the home, paint damage and water damage, however many people do not realize that mold damage can create a big problem within the home. Mold is commonly related to an unfinished basement or an outdoor garage, however the truth is that mold can grow any place there is moisture.

One common place where mold is often found within the home, which surprises most people, is within the bathroom. Due to the high amount of water use within bathrooms, mold is commonly found growing within the room. Mold can grow within cracks, corners, below sinks, and even underneath wallpaper. With even a slight amount of moisture mold can begin to grow, and if nothing is done to kill the mold it will continue to spread throughout your bathroom.

Aside from the disgusting thought of having mold growing in your home it is also very hazardous to your health. Mold creates a range of health problems ranging from shortness of breath to bleeding lungs. For this reason it is important to keep mold out of your home in order to keep your family safe.

If you do find mold within your bathroom it is best to call a mold removal specialist to take care of the problem. Mold restoration companies are able to remove mold quickly and safely because they have the appropriate equipment to clean the area without risking their health.

However, it is best practice to stop mold growth before is starts. Following simple steps during bathroom use can help prevent mold growth within your home.

  • Keep your bathroom ventilated whenever taking a shower, or leaving water running for extended periods of time. If you have a fan make sure to turn it on when using the shower. However, if you do not have a fan, cracking a window will help circulate the air and get rid of unwanted mist or moisture.
  • When using the shower it is important to make sure you have a rug, or a towel on the ground to soak up any water that escapes. Drying off in the shower also helps make sure water doesn’t escape the shower, cutting down on moisture that mold requires to grow.
  • If using a shower curtain it is important to make sure the curtain rests against the wall when bathing, so that water will not collect and drip down the wall. Over time this water can cause mold growth and rotting of the floor.

Overall, it is important to practice good bathroom habits in order to prevent mold from growing in your home. Taking small steps to prevent mold on a daily basis is worth the amount of time and effort it takes to remove mold from the home. If you should come across mold growing in the bathroom or any other part of your home it is important to call mold removal expert to take care of the problem.

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