Bathroom Mold Prevention

Mold prevention isn’t always a piece of cake. Mold tends to grow in the worst spots: crawlspaces, basements, under appliances, and worst of all bathrooms. Because of the fact that bathrooms tend to be hot, humid, poorly ventilated, wet areas, the opportunity for mold growth is always there.  Mold in the home creates potential for serious health risks to everyone in it. To avoid all these mold hazards, try to keep the bathroom in tip-top shape at all times. Some people even dry their showers and sinks after use to avoid mold. It seems extreme, but it’s not a bad idea if your bathroom is susceptible to mold.

Prevention is always an important thing to keep up with, especially in the bathroom because of how prone it is to mold damage it is. Regular inspections ARE necessary. The first thing on your checklist should be seals. Ensure all seals around doors, sinks, and curtains are inspected and cleaned before moving on. If you spot mold, there are special mold sprays you can purchase. The area with the most concern is obviously the shower because of the heat and water. Drains should be cleared out regularly to avoid any blockage. Wiping off excess water from the floor and shower walls will also help prevent mold growth. The floor is especially important because the water can seep through the floorboards and create issues on the lower levels.

Keep in mind, mold doesn’t just grow in your shower or on the walls. Mold has the ability to grow on anything it can stick to. Any porous materials or items that are wet all the time are going to be the most prone to growth. This includes anything from items near the toilet, bottles in the shower, rugs, etc. Try to limit the amount of ‘extras’ in your bathroom. If it doesn’t need to be in there, get it out. Items that suffer mold growth should be thrown away, same with rugs. These things are all replaceable at reasonable cost. Grout should also be inspected and cleaned on a weekly basis to ensure no mold grows.

While prevention can go a long way, sometimes we slip up and mold gets into our home. Do yourself a favor and call your local mold remediation company. T he professionals are trained to deal with mold growth, no matter how bad the damage is. And for those who worry about pricing,  our mold remediation company offers free estimates!

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