Black Mold FAQs And Removal Process

Black mold is extremely toxic and can cause many health problems for humans. It can even be fatal. But, how do you know if the mold in your home that is making you wheezy is black mold or just an allergy to a less harmful type of mold? This question should really be left to the experts. Let a mold remediation company make this determination for you. Disturbing black mold releases its deadly spores into the air causing a bigger and more dangerous problem for you.

Once a black mold inspection has been done and black mold has been identified in your home, a mold damage remediation company will likely suggest you vacate the premises until all traces of black mold have been removed from the home. Gambling with black mold is a gamble with your life.

Mold remediation teams wearing protective equipment from head to toe – including a respirator mask – will seal off rooms and vents with plastic sheets to contain black mold spores. Using special chemicals that kill mold, they will clean the infected area thoroughly. Any heavily damaged items are sealed and removed from the home. HEPA vacuums are brought in to decontaminate the area as well. Once mold is eradicated from the home, a mold test is done a week or two later to make sure it has not returned.

The process of removing toxic black mold is a delicate one and should only be done by a profession mold damage remediation company. Pouring bleach over black mold only changes its color, not its constitution. Call a professional mold damage remediation company today if you suspect toxic black mold or have any mold in your home that is unidentifiable. Black mold isn’t always black so making assumptions can be deadly here.

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