Can mold be hazardous to my pet’s health?

Taking care of a pet can be much more difficult than taking care of a child, as a pet can’t convey to you what is wrong or what hurts. This is why concern of a pet’s safety and health is always on the minds of the owners. Many owners question if mold can be hazardous to a pet’s health, and in short the answer is yes.

Exposure to mold can be hazardous to pets in the same way that it is hazardous to people. As mold develops it produces mold spores and toxins that disperse into the air, which makes it very unhealthy to be exposed to mold filled areas. If animal’s come into contact with mold filled areas they can develop allergies, asthma as well as permanent lung damage. Make sure to be vigilant for areas of mold exposure within your home in order to protect the health of yourself as well as your pet’s.

Unlike people most animals don’t know enough not to ingest mold. Often time’s dogs as well as other pets will ingest mold that causes them to get sick. This is why it is important to keep the home mold free, and if you do find mold within the home to have a mold removal specialist clean the contaminated area of the home.

Even if mold is removed from your home, your pet can still be ingesting it on a daily basis. Many dog foods and some cat foods can become contaminated with grain molds. These molds can develop within a batch of the grain while it is stored within the holding mills, or while it is sitting exposed within your home. Molds give off mycotoxins that can be very poisons to ingest. Some common types of mycotoxins known to be hazardous to dogs include Fumonisin, Zearalenone, Aflatoxin and Ochratoxin. It is important to check your pet’s food for mold when first opening a new bag of feed, as well as keeping the pet feed in a well-sealed container after it has been opened.

Mold can be very hazardous to your pet in same ways that it is dangerous to their owners, however pets are much more at risk to consume mold by mistake. It is important to keep mold out of your home for your pet’s health sake, as they don’t have the advantage of speaking up when they become ill.

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