Car Mold Damage

Believe it or not, mold damage can occur in your vehicle. Mold damage to cars is actually pretty common. Spilled drinks, a window left open during a rainstorm, or even a flooding event can ultimately cause mold damage to your car. As we know, mold spores are everywhere. They are easily carried in every time you open your windows, doors, and they can be carried in on your clothing, bags, etc. Mold spores can’t be avoided so it’s important to clean up any liquids that enter your car quickly.

Mold damage often presents itself in the form of a musty smell or stains on the fabric inside your car. For stains, use mold deterrent cleaners to discourage mold growth or to kill existing mold. If your car has a heavy musty smell or visible mold damage, you may want to consider a professional cleaning to have it removed.

A trick to keep moisture out of your car is to sprinkle it with baking soda when you clean it. This will pick up any excess dampness. Let it sit for an hour then vacuum it up. Leaving an open container of baking soda will also soak up any dampness in the air in your car. Obviously, make sure this container is secure in a cup holder or somewhere where it will not spill all over and make a powdery mess while you’re driving.

Mold damage to your car should definitely be looked at by a mold remediation company if it is due to flooding as floodwaters contain dangerous bacteria and parasites that can cause black mold. This type of mold damage can be deadly so it’s not something you want to attempt to clean yourself.

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