Carpet Mold

One of the worst areas to get mold is in your carpeting. Carpeting provides one of the best breeding grounds for mold because it holds moisture well and is made of the organic material mold needs to grow. Any time carpeting becomes wet, it becomes a high risk area for mold so it’s important to clean up all spills as soon as they happen when carpeting is involved. More importantly, the carpeting needs to be sufficiently dried so mold isn’t able to grow there.

If mold damage has already occurred, it’s time to contact a professional mold mitigation company. Mold damage to carpeting cannot always be successfully cleaned. Depending on the amount of damage and whether or not it has affected the padding, sometimes mold damaged carpet just needs to be completely replaced. (Although, some carpeting can be replaced in pieces if the area isn’t too large.)

Another note – when steam cleaning your carpeting, go easy on the water or rinse cycle. Saturating your carpet during steam cleaning can increase your risk for mold because it’s very difficult to dry. A steam cleaner isn’t able to remove all the water it puts down – which leaves your carpeting damp. Use heavy duty fans to make sure your carpeting dries completely before mold growth is able to take place. This window is 24-48 hours.

As always, the best protection is prevention. Make sure to clean up any spills immediately and always make sure to completely dry a carpeted area that has become wet. Contact a mold mitigation company if you suspect your carpet has become infected with mold. Your signs will be discoloration and/or a musty smell in the room. The sooner you take care of this, the better as mold problems to your subflooring become much more expensive to fix.


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