Checking for Mold in Apartments

Looking for a new place to live can be stressful and exciting at the same time. When looking at different apartments it is important to take the time to look the place over in detail to make sure you will enjoy living in the place for a long time but also to make sure there are not any hidden problems with the apartment. One commonly overlooked problem with new apartments is mold contamination. Taking the time to search for mold within the apartment is extremely important to your overall satisfaction with your as well as to your overall wellbeing.

Often times mold is seen as disgusting and unattractive within the home, but people do not realize all the health complications that are directly related to mold exposure. Coming into contact with mold can cause irritation of the skin such as itchiness and rashes. However, you do not have to come into contact with mold directly for it to affect your health. Mold gives off microscopic spores that are carried in the air that directly affect your respiratory system. Breathing in the mold contaminated air can result in inflammation of allergies, asthma attacks and even permanent damage to the lungs.

Knowing the many health problems that result from mold exposure, it is extremely important to check for mold before signing a lease for an apartment. If you are seriously interested in an apartment take the time to check common areas for mold growth. Such areas where mold is found include, bathrooms, basements, laundry rooms, and kitchens. The reason these rooms are commonly associated with mold damage is because they all use water and mold needs moisture in order to grow. Make sure to check all rooms thoroughly for mold damage before signing a lease. In most cases after signing a lease you are locked into that apartment for 12 months. The last thing you want to do after signing a lease is realize that you are living in a mold infested home.

Mold is not only disgusting but it also has is very detrimental to your health. For this reason it is extremely important to check any future apartments for mold contamination before signing an agreement. However, if you do run across mold in your home it is important to call a mold restoration specialist to take care of the problem, instead of living in the infested area and sacrificing your health. Mold damage companies are experts in the field and can make sure you are living in a safe environment, getting rid of mold in a timely manner.

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