Clean Gutters Can Prevent Mold Damage

Preventing mold damage can be as easy as cleaning out your gutters. Gutters prevent mold damage by preventing water damage – but, if gutters become damaged or overloaded, they can cause water damage, thus causing mold damage if not taken care of right away. Most people don’t notice when water damage occurs due to gutter failure as it usually either effects the roof or siding – leaking into unseen places like attics or behind walls – OR – water isn’t carried away from the home and it ends up in the basement.

Gutters should be cleaned out at least twice a year. If you have a lot of trees or heavy storms occur, you may want to check them out more than that. When debris clogs gutters, it prevents them from working properly. Debris can also become stuck in the downspouts making them virtually useless. Water should flow freely from the roof through your gutters and down the downspouts – about 5 feet away from your home. As stated above, if water collects around your foundation, it can cause water damage and ultimately mold damage to your basement – or even your crawlspace. This can cause severe structural damage.

If checking gutters yourself, be safe about it. Use a sturdy ladder. Do not clean out your gutters when storms or rain threaten the area – or too soon afterward when the ground is still wet and can cause your ladder to slip. Many landscaping companies offer gutter cleaning services at very reasonable prices if you prefer to have someone take on this task for you.

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