Garage Mold Damage

Like any area of the home, the garage is also an area at risk for mold. While attached garages are typically at higher risk, unattached garages may harbor mold as well. Garage mold damage can come from a variety of sources. Any area with warm, moist air becomes an almost instant home for mold spores. The key to avoiding mold damage is knowing where to look for it.

Mold damage in a detached garage is usually due to a window, vent, or flashing malfunction. Check around these areas to see if any area seems particularly drafty. Signs of mold damage would include a discolored area or a musty smell. Mold doesn’t always look how you’d expect it to look. Sometimes a small white stain that you may think is from another source is actually mold damage.

If your garage has any sort of plumbing for a utility sink, a hose, hot water tank, or other structure, look for leaky pipes or faucets. Plumbing issues are often the cause of mold damage. If you see wet or damp areas around any sort of plumbing in your garage, find the problem and fix it. If mold growth hasn’t started already, it will. Mold spores take 24-48 hours to reproduce once they’ve found a wet, warm place to do so.

Check garage ceilings and flooring as well. Structural damage caused by water damage is another likely source of mold damage in the garage. While in winter months, mold damage may not be likely due to lower temperatures in the garage, allowing these types of problems to go unfixed will lead to mold damage as soon as temperatures start to climb.

It’s important to take care of mold damage in the garage because it can very easily be transferred into the home. Mold spores are microscopic and move easily throughout the air with even the lightest breeze. The more mold you have in your garage, the more that will be brought into your home.

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