Identifying Mold Issues

Water damage is bad enough, but it could turn into something even worse. Mold. There are many things that you need to do when mold is involved, but there are also some things that you should not do. People make very common mistakes without even realizing it.

First, you can’t just ignore the signs of mold. You need to realize what mold growth can do to you personally. Residents can suffer from an allergic reaction. This can cause coughing, sneezing, watery eyes, rashes, and much more. Mold has a very strong, musty scent to it. Sometimes you can actually see the mold, usually surrounded by water stains.

Another thing that cannot be ignored is home maintenance. Even if it is something as simple as a leaky roof, it cannot go unrecognized. Other damage includes plumbing, sewer issues, and even a wet basement can be a great place for mold to start growing.

You can’t just assume that there isn’t mold in your house simply because you can’t actually see it. Because of the areas that mold likes to grow in, you may never see it. Ceilings, in between carpet and flooring, heating vents, and crawlspace are all places that mold can grow without you noticing it visually. You also can’t assume that some places are safe just because they are dry. Yes, mold does need moisture to flourish but once the area is dry the mold doesn’t necessarily die. The mold becomes dormant and will continue to be dormant until it is removed or until the moisture is back at a level that it can grow at. Don’t be mistaken, even dormant mold can make you sick and make your house smell musty.

Another big mistake that people make when dealing with mold is bleach. Bleach will not kill mold. Any manufacturer of bleach products will tell you that bleach is not a deterrent for mold. The only thing that is going happen upon bleaching is bleaching! Instead of helping the problem, you just turned the mold to a different color. The mold will continue to grow until the area is completely treated and sanitized to prevent the mold from returning.

If you ever spot mold in your household, or even if you think there is a possibility, you should call a professional. Dealing with this problem alone is just asking for trouble. An experienced company will have all the tools needed to wipe out the mold and assure you that it doesn’t return.

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