Mildew Removal

With the heat and humidity of summer, mildew is almost impossible to avoid. A telltale sign of mildew is the smell that comes with it. You recognize the smell. A towel left on the floor or a wet load of laundry left in the washer for a few days or perhaps water dripping from an a/c unit on to the floor below – these are all examples of what could cause mildew odors in your home. So, what do you do about it?

First, take care of the issue that caused the mildew odor. Remove or fix the culprit and dry the area thoroughly. Allow the air to circulate the area either by opening windows or using a fan. This will help speed up the drying process.

Then, clean the area. If you just pick up the wet towel and dry the carpet, you may be leaving mold spores behind. Use a mold deterrent cleaning solution to prevent future mildew growth. Be sure to dry the area again when completed.

To remove the smell of mildew, clean the area with vinegar or baking soda. Both are great at removing odors. Allow baking soda to sit for a few hours before removing via vacuum or broom. As for vinegar, don’t worry about the lingering odor of the vinegar itself. It will dissipate and take the smell of mildew with it!

If you have followed these steps and still find your house smells of molds and mildew, contact a mold damage restoration company to investigate. Hidden mold can cause many health problems and can cause severe structural damage to your home.

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