Mold And Gutters

One of the easiest things you can do to prevent mold damage is to keep your gutters cleaned out and in working order.  Gutters not only help prevent water damage to your home, they also help prevent mold damage.  When water doesn’t run properly away from your home, it seeps into your foundation causing the wet environment needed for mold to grow.

Clean your gutters out at least twice a year.  If you have a lot of trees in your yard, or if your neighbors’ trees hang over your gutters, you may need to clean them out three or four times a year.  Debris in your gutters makes it difficult for water to move through them.  Downspouts need to be free from debris as well.  Water should run at least 3-6 feet away from your home as it exits the downspouts.  If it is not able to do that, you run the risk of water seeping into your foundation and possibly causing mold in your basement, crawlspace, walls, or other areas.

It’s a good idea to check gutters after a heavy rainfall or storm, too.  However, make sure you do it safely.  Never check your gutters if storms still threaten the area.

If you think you may already have mold damage, contact a mold remediation specialist to determine where it is and how it can be fixed.

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