Mold And Your Health

Many people don’t see mold as a danger.  It’s unsightly, but it doesn’t really appear to change your day to day life.  Unlike water or fire damage, it appears to be a small issue you can put on the backburner until you get around to fixing it.  However, the dangers of mold are very real and very harmful.  The CDC encourages mold remediation after any major storm due to its effects on our health.

Molds can cause mild to severe cold-like symptoms.  Sneezing, nasal and sinus congestion, cough, and respiratory problems may seem minor, but they can be very harmful to the very young or old – or to those who already have respiratory type symptoms.  Many people suffer from these types of symptoms without knowing they are due to mold in the home.  This is one reason it is so important to have a mold remediation expert check for mold if you are suffering from these symptoms with no relief.  Mold is also linked to asthma.  Even low levels of mold can lead to incessant wheezing.

Skin irritation is another way mold can affect your health.  Rashes caused by mold can be difficult to get rid of if the mold problem is not removed.

Toxic molds in your home can be deadly.  Toxic molds are molds that produce mycotoxins.  High levels of mycotoxins can lead to headaches then neurological problems then death.  If you suffer from constant headaches, mold – toxic or not – can definitely be the cause.

If you have had a recent flooding event or if you are experiencing unexplained, ongoing health issues, please contact a mold remediation professional to check for mold.  It’s more affordable than you may think – especially considering the harmful effects it can have on your health.

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