Mold And Your HVAC System

When your home’s HVAC system has a mold problem, you’ve got a whole house mold problem.  Mold is easily disturbed and spores are spread throughout your home when your heat or air conditioning runs with mold anywhere in its system.  A good sign you’ve got a mold problem in your HVAC system is a general musty smell all over the house.  If you see mold growing on or around your heating/AC ducts, it’s likely there is also mold inside.  You may just notice discoloration of walls or ceilings around your HVAC ducts.  This can also mean there’s an issue.


In this situation, it’s vital you call a mold mitigation specialist.   Without the right tools and equipment, it’s nearly impossible to remove this mold on your own.  A mold removal technician can also find out why the HVAC system has mold damage.  It could be a leaky pipe somewhere within the walls or it could be part of the HVAC system itself.   If this is the case, it’s typically within the air conditioning system where excess moisture is more likely to occur.  Finding and repairing the origin of the problem is part of the mold mitigation process.

Once mold removal is completed, consider buying a dehumidifier for your home.  A dehumidifier will help keep the air in your home dry and conditions for mold growth less favorable.  Mold can cause many health issues including cold, allergy, and asthmatic symptoms. 

If you believe your HVAC system has been compromised by mold, turn it off and contact a mold mitigation specialist to determine and fix the source of the water damage, clean and remove the mold, and replace any part of the system that was damaged beyond repair.  Do not allow the HVAC system to keep running as it will continuously spread mold spores around your home.

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