Mold Checks

While mold remediation is our business, we recognize the damage it can do to your home and your family so we stress mold prevention.  By taking just a few steps regularly, you can go a long way in preventing mold.

Daily:  Clean up any spills immediately.  Mold growth can start within 48 hours of the presence of moisture.  Keep your home’s humidity level between 30-50% at most.  Make sure any room where moisture is collecting gets a proper amount of ventilation – like bathrooms when you’re showering, kitchens when you’re cooking, laundry rooms while you’re drying clothes.

Monthly:  Check windows and appliances to make sure they are functioning properly.  If the weather allows it, open windows for the day and allow air to circulate throughout your home.  Check those high mold traffic areas to make sure they are getting enough ventilation and no mold growth has begun.

Yearly:  Clean out gutters and make any repairs that need to be made.  Gutters often cause water damage which lead to mold.  Make sure your HVAC system is mold free at least once a year as well.  If your house gets a musty smell every time the A/C runs, it’s a likely source.

Make these mold checks part of your cleaning routine to help keep your home mold free.

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