Mold Damage: A Serious Issue

While mold damage can occur anywhere, indoors and out, mold damage in the home is commonly found in the basement. Water can easily slip through cracks in the foundation and it’s also an area that is prone to flooding. Not to mention all of the pipes and such that are floating around down there. Mold is an issue that shouldn’t be over looked or taken lightly. It is a serious situation that should be addressed immediately.  The longer you wait, the worse it’ll get.

Mold thrives in areas with heavy moisture, high humidity levels, and darkness. This could be areas with poor/no ventilation, humidity levels over fifty percent, leaky faucets, etc. After you’ve spotted mold, it’s crucial to take care of it immediately. Not just the mold, but whatever water damage caused the mold as well. For example, if a leaky pipe caused a mold spot in your basement, you need to remove the mold, better ventilate the area, fix the pipe, and take any other preventive procedures you find necessary.  A dehumidifier goes a long way in mold prevention.

Mold isn’t just bad for the look of the home. It also has the potential to cause serious health risks in the home. This is most concerning for older folks, infants and toddlers, and people with poor immune systems. Allergy-like symptoms are a common occurrence. This may include coughing, sneezing, itchy throats, watery eyes, skin rashes, etc. Certain molds may cause more serious issues and may be fatal.  Don’t allow your family to become victims of mold attacks.  Take care of mold issues as soon as you can.

This is also why it’s important to call a professional mold remediation company. Professional mold remediation companies are trained and certified to know exactly what they’re doing. Reputable mold remediation companies only hire highly trained and certified people with years of experience. They can tell you where the mold is, where it came from, how they plan to get rid of the growth, and what steps you should take to avoid future mold issues. They’ll even come back two weeks later to take air samples to ensure they did their job right the first time. Our mold remediation company offers all of this plus free estimates! Contact us today for yours!

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