Mold Damage And What Not To Do

Water damage and mold damage go hand in hand. In too many cases, water and mold are both found. Not too many people know a whole lot about mold. Some know how to deal with the problem once it’s been identified. But most people don’t understand the “do not” portion of the problem. Here’s a few things you should never do with mold.

First, and most obvious, don’t ignore it! If mold damage is apparent in the home, do not pretend like it’s not happening or think that you can just push it off. Waiting is never the answer when involved with mold. Signs of mold in the home could include musty scents, staining on the walls, or maybe you can physically see the mold growing in an area. Allergy-like symptoms may also be present during this time. This includes rashes, itchy eyes and nose, coughing, and in more severe cases, respiratory issues.

Don’t forget about maintaining the home. If something is broken, especially something like a pipe or water hose, fix it immediately. Try to maintain performing regular inspections through out the home to ensure a mold free home.

Don’t assume, you know what they say! Just because you can’t see mold, does NOT mean that it’s not there. Mold is commonly found in pain to reach/see areas such as in the walls/floors, basements, crawls paces, attics, pipes, etc. Most mold damage removal companies offer free estimates, so you can always have someone come by and check out the place for you. Also, don’t assume dry means mold free. I know what you’re thinking, moisture is needed to make mold growth form. While that is true, it doesn’t need it to live. It’s simply dormant at this time. You’re not solving the problem, you’re just putting a bandaid on it.

Last but not least, don’t bleach! Bleach solutions do not kill mold. All they really do is bleach it – by removing the color! If you’re not sure how to handle the situation, please call the professionals. Their certifications are proof of their know-how in the mold remediation business. Call today!

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