Mold Damage Cleanup Process

The mold removal process is quite complex. Mold infestations usually find the darkest, most confined space in your home to begin their reign. You often don’t even notice it’s there until it has made its way to a visible area of your home – or until it’s gotten so bad that a musty smell permeates the property. This is when hiring a mold removal team becomes necessary so you can be sure the problem is taken care of and won’t return.

Any mold damage removal company worth its salt will first review the area to determine how to tackle the mold damage. This includes determining what caused the mold damage and what needs to be done to prevent it from happening again.

Once an inspection is done, the infected area needs to be cordoned off. A mold damage company will use plastic sheeting to secure the area and prevent mold spores from moving to other areas of your home. Plastic sheeting is used to seal off all vents, registers, doorways, or any other area that would give mold spores a chance to escape.

After the area is contained, mold removal can begin. Mold damage professionals wear protective gear to not only keep themselves safe but so they also don’t carry mold throughout your home when they come and go. Mold damage cleanup includes using mold killing chemicals to destroy mold on hard surfaces and removing mold damaged items that can’t be saved. These materials are removed using sealed bags – again so mold doesn’t spread throughout the home.

The next step of the mold damage removal process is the restoration piece. If drywall was removed, it will be replaced. If flooring was removed, it will be replaced. It also means fixing the source of the problem. This can mean anything from fixing a leaky pipe to installing a humidifier to properly sealing a window. All mold damage restoration processes are different depending on the home and what caused the damage to occur in the first place.



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