Mold Growth In Cars

Your car may seem like an unlikely place for mold growth, but it does happen – frequently.  The best way to prevent mold growth in your car is to take a proactive stance.  Clean your car regularly and check for mold.  Mold usually presents itself in a car in the form of a stain.  Use mold cleaner on any stain that looks suspicious.

Mold grows when spores find a ripe area to reproduce.  Since mold prefers warm, wet areas, you need to consider how to keep the air inside your car free of moisture.  One suggestion is to sprinkle it with baking soda when cleaning.  Baking soda will help soak up any moisture on the fabric or in the air.  You can even leave an open container of baking soda in your car to help soak up moisture (or any other product that soaks up moisture, such as rice), but take care to make sure it doesn’t spill while driving by keeping it in a cup holder or in an area where it can sit tight.

If your vehicle was damaged in a flood, you should have it professionally cleaned by a mold remediation specialist.  Floodwaters may contain dangerous bacteria, parasites, and other organisms that are harmful to your health.  The mold caused by floodwaters can also be deadly black mold.  Don’t take any chances and call in a professional!

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