Mold Growth

The best way to avoid mold damage is to prevent it. To prevent mold growth, we need to understand what causes it. Mold doesn’t require much to survive in this world. Mold spores only need a warm, wet, dark area in order to grow. Mold can’t grow under ultraviolet light or in cold temperatures. While we can’t light up our homes or keep them at freezing temps, we can control the moisture factor. Keeping your home dry is the key to avoiding mold damage.

Some of the following areas in the home are more prone to mold damage than others due to the nature of their function.

  •  Windows, roofs, and siding. These areas area designated to keep water out, but when they become worn or damaged, they become prime locations for mold growth. When water seeps into cracks in and around these areas, mold growth can occur. Keep an eye out for damage to these areas. Check the attic periodically. If the area smells musty, you probably have some mold damage.
  • Bathrooms are high traffic areas for mold damage for more than one reason. Leaky faucets and pipes become targets for mold damage. Condensation on walls can also cause mold growth. This is very common for the bathroom. Keep pipes and faucets in working order and fill in any cracks around them or repair any leaks. Wipe down surfaces after using the bathroom to help keep it dry. A good ventilation system should also help keep the bathroom dry.
  • Laundry room. Like the bathroom, the laundry area of your home is also a mold attractor for several reasons. Again, pipes and faucets need to be kept in good working order to prevent leaks that can cause mold growth. Clothes left in the washing machine for several days are almost guaranteed to be covered in mold when removed. Don’t leave clothing in the washing machine for more than a few hours to avoid this. Mold growth can start within 24 hours when conditions are right.

Because mold spores exist everywhere in our air, we can’t avoid them. They are carried in on our clothing, when we open doors and windows, and by our pets. There’s really no way to get rid of mold spores. Our best bet to avoid mold damage is to cut down on the moisture in our home.

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