Mold In The HVAC System

If your home’s HVAC system has been compromised by mold damage, your whole house is at risk. Mold spores are easily distributed to any room with an HVAC vent when mold grows in your HVAC system. One way to identify mold damage in your HVAC system is an overall musty smell in the home. You may also see mold growth right outside of HVAC vents or on the floors and ceilings around them. This may just look like a slight discoloration, but it’s likely mold damage. Mold damage in the HVAC system may also present itself in allergy symptoms. If your family suffers from allergy symptoms that don’t seem to go away, having a mold inspection may be the way to go.

A mold removal cleanup company is needed when mold is discovered of suspected in the HVAC system because it’s a difficult system to access. Mold removal remediation crews have the right equipment to remove mold in this area. They will also find out what is causing it. Mold growth can’t occur without the right conditions. Moisture doesn’t belong in the HVAC system so they can discover what is bringing it there. Once the mold is removed and the problem is corrected, the home should be inspected to remove any mold growth due to the HVAC forcing mold spores around the home.

One way to help prevent mold growth in any room is to purchase a dehumidifier. A dehumidifier will remove the moisture in the air that allows mold growth. Without the moisture, mold spores can’t reproduce.

Contact a mold damage remediation company if you believe your HVAC system may have a mold damage problem. The mold damage cleanup crews will not only clean up the mold, they’ll also find out what is causing its growth. Shut down the HVAC system while you wait for mold damage remediation teams to get there. This will stop the spread of spores throughout the home.


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