Mold Prevention

A lot of the time people aren’t quite sure how to protect themselves from the dangers of mold growth. Well, the answer is pretty simple. Prevention. Prevention goes a long way in almost every situation you can think of. Mold and water damage are no different. Mind you, mold isn’t always 100% preventable, but there are some things you can do to help out.

First thing, inspect the area of concern, especially after a case of water damage. Always check for mold after water damage has affected your home. The risk for mold growth is much higher. If you’re just checking to check, inspect areas that you are more likely to find water damage. This could be anything from leaky sinks to crawlspaces. Another prevention technique is buying items that are mold-resistant. Mold cannot grow as easily on these items. This route may be a little harder on your wallet, but you’ll see how beneficial these items can truly be. Also try monitoring humidity levels in the home. With the right equipment you can test the humidity levels in your home. If you notice the levels are out of whack, there are also dehumidifiers that can help stabilize them. My last bit of advice; make sure you have good ventilation through out the home. Areas that may need a little more ventilation than others include laundry rooms, any area with appliances, and bathrooms.  All of these areas are more prone to mold growth because of all the water that makes it through in a day.

These are just a few prevention tips to keep the mold at bay in your home. By following these tips you can save yourself a lot of time and money. Just remember to call your local mold restoration company for help before the mold growth gets out of hand. Certified professionals will work with you to restore your home to its natural state. Our mold restoration company is eager to hear from you!

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