Mold Remediation In The Home

Mold can cause harmful damage to your home and your health.  Mold can cause your walls, floors, and furniture to deteriorate over time. It can cause health issues such as asthma, allergic reactions like watery eyes and runny nose, and athlete’s foot.  Damages caused by mold can range from minor to deadly.  To avoid mold damage, reduce the risks of mold in your home by lowering the levels of humidity.

Most mold problems don’t require mold remediation to resolve them, but if you are going to try to fix the problem yourself, remember not to mix cleaning products together.  Mixing cleaning products can cause deadly, toxic fumes.  Use proper cleaning equipment along with masks and gloves to protect yourself.

Also, don’t use a vacuum cleaner to clean mold.  Using a vacuum cleaner to clean mold will only transfer mold spores from one area to another.  Spores will stay in your vacuum and spread throughout your house as you use it.  Even if you clean out the canister, mold spores will cling inside the hose and other parts of the vacuum cleaner.

Mold remediation experts can help you remove any mold that covers a larger area or problem mold that keeps coming back.  New technology allows mold remediation professionals to detect mold even in areas that you don’t see it.  They use advanced equipment to remove mold and to determine which areas of your home have higher humidity levels.  Then dehumidifiers can be installed in those areas so mold doesn’t return.

You can also contact a mold remediation team to look for mold if you suspect mold due to illness in the home.  If you’ve got a cold you just can’t shake, it’s very possible there’s a mold problem somewhere.

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