Moldy Clothing

Mold can cause damage to just about anything it touches.  This includes clothing.  If you’ve ever come across a box of clothing in the basement that had water damage, you’re likely to also come across mold.  Mold presents itself on clothing usually in a spotty discoloration pattern.  A musty smell accompanies the presence of mold, too.  However, all is not lost.  Mold can safely be removed from clothing with a little perseverance.

Bleach is one of the first options, but not our favorite.  Bleach can only really be used safely on white clothes.  Bleach tends to take the color out of anything other than whites.  If you’re using bleach, be sure to use as directed and make sure the clothing is dried completely or mold will just continue to grow.

Some have had success with powders such as borax or baking soda.  Using a paste mix of either with hot water, scrub the paste into the affected area of the clothes then wash and dry normally.  The scrubbing action and the compounds of the paste itself do a good job with breaking down and removing mold spores on clothing.  Again, it’s important to dry clothes completely so mold growth doesn’t continue.

Vinegar can also remove mold from clothing.  To use, pour vinegar directly on the affected areas and wash normally.  If you don’t see but suspect mold due to smell, add a cup of vinegar to your wash.

There are also mold removal cleaners that are specifically designed for removing mold on clothing that you can buy at your local department or hardware store.

If you’re unable to determine how or why your clothes have mold on them, contact a mold remediation company to find out its source.  If mold cleanup is not done, it can cause deterioration to your clothing and cause health issues to you.

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