Summer Brings Mold Damage

Summer is here again. With warmer temperatures and activities in and around water, we tend to see more mold damage this time of year than any other. Not only does mold damage become more prominent in your home and basement, it can also become a problem with equipment related to outdoor activities such as swimming, camping, and boating. Prevent summer mold damage by becoming aware of when and where it occurs.

Don’t leave wet clothing or towels lying around after use. If you want to dry these items outside, make sure they are receiving direct sunlight to deter or kill any mold spores that land on them. If you see mold has already stained these items, it’s best to replace them. Removing mold from clothing and towels is difficult and usually more costly than it is to replace them.

Canvas camping and boating items should be dried between uses. If these items do become moldy, use a vinegar and cold water solution to kill the mold then allow them to dry in direct sunlight. Other solutions such as lemon juice and water or Borax and water followed again by allowing to dry in direct sunlight have also proven successful in removing mold on canvas items.

The above also applies to patio furniture. If patio cushions become wet, let them dry in direct sunlight. Don’t forget to flip over cushions to make sure both sides are dried. Moldy patio furniture is also difficult to clean because mold growth is probably not just on the surface. You can try to clean it, but it may be best to just replace it.

The best advice to avoid summer mold damage is to stay on top of it. Don’t let wet items lie around for days on end. Mold growth begins within 48 hours of an item becoming wet – or even just dampened by humidity.

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