Summer Mold

Summer is finally in full swing.   Between the humidity and the water activities we enjoy, summer is when we see the most mold growth.  Mold growth doesn’t only occur in your home or basement.  It can also grow on your clothes, your camping equipment, your boating equipment, and everywhere else conditions are ripe.  When wet clothes and towels are hung outside on a cloudy, humid day, they’re more likely to attract mold spores than dry.

To prevent mold growth on wet clothing, towels, or other fabrics, allow them to dry in direct sunlight.   The sunlight will deter mold growth and kill any spores that may have already accumulated there.  If mold has already stained clothing or towels, it’s probably best to replace them.  Mold removal is very difficult with clothing items.

If your canvas camping or boating equipment has become moldy, you can try to clean it in a vinegar/cold water solution then allow it to dry in direct sunlight.  Some swear by washing in a lemon juice/cold water solution as well prior to drying in direct sunlight.  Both methods have shown mixed results.  It’s definitely worth a try.   Scrubbing canvas with a water/Borax mix also yields good results.

The best way to prevent mold growth is to stay ahead of it.  Make sure to dry any wet items immediately after use.

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