The Basics Of Mold Damage

Today we’re going back to the basics, mold basics that is. There are so many homeowners who are clueless to mold growth, and that’s okay because not everyone is a mold expert! Some folks have it lurking in their homes and they still have no idea! This is for those of you who need a little education in the mold department or those of you who just need a little refresher.

Mold isn’t limited to any specific place. Mold spores are spread out all around the world, indoors and out. There are thousands of different species to find, ranging from completely harmless to hazardous. Health risks include allergy-like symptoms, respiratory issues, and occasionally more dangerous problems like neurological. Don’t let this fool you, though. People breathe in mold spores all the time and have no idea. It’s just in the air! Now, if there’s black mold taking over your basement, that’s a different story!

Most of the time, mold in the home is a result of water damage in the home. Mold tests are generally performed by a restoration company after a case of water damage has been resolved. If you don’t have water damage, mold is pretty easy to spot. It’s kind of hard to ignore black/green, smelly fuzz on your walls. And if you can’t see it, the musty scent should do the trick. Going unnoticed for long periods of time can result in serious issues to the home and your health.

To avoid making a call to your local mold remediation company, practice prevention. Preventing mold growth in the home isn’t terribly difficult, really it’s just moisture control. Moisture control consists of keeping an eye out for anything amiss in water related areas. This could be under sinks, anywhere with a leak, holes in the roof, etc. Just make sure the mess is cleaned up immediately. If there’s any concern, get a dehumidifier and get the home back to normal humidity levels. Ensure that high risk areas have good ventilation.

Don’t let mold take over your home. Make sure to call the mold remediation professionals at your local remediation company when mold is spotted or suspected. Our professionals with years of experience come to your home ready for anything. Give us a call today!

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