What is black mold?

Black mold is the most feared types of molds to find within the home. Black mold like most other types of mold thrive in moist environments. Often black mold is discovered after flooding or water damage occurs to the property. Many people take the time to remove the water and clean their house the best they can after water damage, but they are not able to fully clean and dry out hard to reach places, such as within the walls and between floorboards. In result these hard to get to water damage areas are a breeding ground for black mold.

Black mold, also known as Strachybotrys Chartarum can begin to grow with large or even small amounts of moisture within the home. Black mold can be identified by its black and green color as well as the foul order that it gives off. However, it is important not to deeply inhale if you discover mold as it can be damaging to your health. When coming across black mold it is very important to call a mold removal company to extract the mold-contaminated area.

Calling in a mold removal expert to take care of the mold problem is extremely important because of the health issues that are tied to black mold. Black mold can cause a range of problems from asthma attacks to bleeding lungs. Some experts even believe that long periods of exposure to black mold can be cancerous. Black mold releases mold spores and toxins that travel through the air, which in return anyone who comes within the area of the mold breathes in the harmful toxins.

Health issues related to black mold are often determined by the length of time that an individual has been exposed to the mold as well as the amount of mold toxins that have been inhaled. If you discover black mold make sure to keep your distance and have the mold removed as quickly as possible by restoration specialists.

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