What is the best way to clean mold?

Mold can be extremely hazardous to anyone who comes within the vicinity of the area and for this reason it is important to clean the room as soon as possible. However, getting rid of mold-infested areas is often easier said than done.

Some household items that are common to mold growth include old furniture, sponges, rags and cardboard boxes. These areas are easily contaminated because they hold in moisture very well which allows mold to grow. If you find mold growing on any objects within your home it is best just to throw them out all together, mostly because restoring the object would be too time consuming and costly.

The real work comes in to play when mold is found growing on surface areas within the home.  The best way to clean mold from walls and floors is to scrub them thoroughly with soap and bleach. It is recommended to clean the area at least twice, letting the surface dry in between cleanings. After the area has been extensively cleaned it is important to keep fans and a dehumidifier in the room to dry everything out. Drying out the room is important because mold needs moisture to grow, so if the room is dry it will help prevent mold growth. Before cleaning the area yourself it is important to keep in mind that if you have an immune deficiency issue, allergies, or asthma that you should not clean the area and avoid it altogether and call a mold removal contractor.

Cleaning mold-infested areas by yourself is only recommended if it is a small area of the room and if it is easily accessible. If there is mold growing behind walls and within crevasses of the room or if there is a large amount of mold growth it is best to call a mold removal specialist to take care of the problem. Mold restoration teams have full suits and proper masks to make sure they do not inhale any dangerous toxins while cleaning the area. No matter where the mold is found make sure to take action quickly whether it requires throwing the object out or having a mold specialist remove the problem for you.

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