Where Mold Damage Occurs

Where there’s water damage, there is a good chance mold growth is following. After water damage has seeped into all the cracks of the home, it might end up in a place where moisture, darkness, and humidity collide to create mold growth. Not only will mold contribute to destruction of the homes structures, but it can also cause issues with your health as well. Here are a few places the mold can become a problem:

The first, and most obvious, is carpeting. If you’re going to get mold, this is the place you want it. Potential mold growth is usually taken care of while in the cleanup process of water damage. Vacuuming, fans, and ventilation will make it harder to grow here. In any case that it does, you may just need to replace the carpet.

Next is wall cavities. This area is much more prone to mold because it doesn’t have the advantages of proper air ventilation, and can go years without you even knowing. This is one that requires professional mold damage remediation.

Wallboards are another area of concern. These tend to get soaked after water damage occurs. But, if it’s taken care of in a timely manner, it can be rescued if it’s not too hurt from the water damage.

Last, but not least on this list is ductwork. When dealing with mold, this is an important area to look out for. Mold growth in the ducts can create mold spores being flung all around the house through the vents. This can cause mold to grow in all sorts of places throughout the home.

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